50 Perfect Decorative Stones to Decorate Your Home

decorative stone mulch

decorative stone mulch

50 Perfect Decorative Stones to Decorate Your Home

Stones of distinct sizes or shapes produce a in-wall wall.

A cinder block wall or cinder pavers in a terrace aren’t so appealing features, with their gray color and rough texture. Rather than dwelling with this drab appearance, you can spruce up the cinder surface using a decorative stone that fits with your design or theme, such as slate, sandstone or smooth river rock. The stones have been connected to the blocks with mortar and also a cement mixture, requiring no special skills to construct. The outcome is a much more attractive surface for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Cinder Wall

Dig an 8 inch deep and 6 inch broad trench at the bottom of the wall. Fill the trench with 4 inches of sand and then pack it down. This retains water drained away in the foundation.

Stir together a batch of cement mix, following the directions on the package, and put it into the trench. Allow it to harden for two days, creating a footing for the stone wall to rest on.

Attach wire mesh into the cinder with masonry screws. The net helps bond the fresh coat of mortar into the wall.

Mix a batch of mortar at a container, after the package instructions, and then spread a thin layer all over the wall, then working it into the mesh. Permit the mortar to dry, developing a rough scratch coat to which the stone and mortar will bond.

Spread a few of the mortar on the back surface using a trowel, beginning in the bottom of a wall. Cover just a couple square feet of surface so the mortar doesn’t dry out before you use it.


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